For a Star Wars game its not half bad

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
Ive always been a big fan of Star Wars and really have never found a truly good Star Wars game that does the movies justice. This game is no exception. But with that being said, its still one of the better ones out there.

Its a classic platformer that allows you to play as luke, han, and chewy through all the memorable locals of the movie. This game does a great job of incorporating the movies and story line into the game, and adds some great original enemies and bosses to the mix.

The graphics are great for the SNES and the sound is fantastic. The 16bit renditions of the Empire Strikes Back themes are very well done and add much to the game itself.

Now there is one aspect that must be mentioned. The game is difficult, sometimes even brutal. Its not in the same caliber as Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden, but you will have some very frustrating moments and aggravating boss fights. I found this to be a good thing though after finishing the game and reflecting on the journey, it really adds a sense of accomplishment and if you have ever beaten an old school Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden you know what Im talking about.

All in all its a fun experience for Star Wars fans and as I continue to replay retro games from the past, I will certainly remember this one and play the other 2 in the series.