Best SNES game I have ever played. Its super and the empire is striking back!

User Rating: 8.6 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
Now I know that this game was made like in the 1900's and that I am doing this review very late, but I like to review so what the heck. Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back is based on the George Lucas film. But just in SNES graphics. So far as I can see the game is totally fun and kind of addictive. You play as Luke Skywalker and as a Jedi to and fighting the foes of the Empire.

GRAPHICS ~ nowadays graphics for the SNES are just play boring I know, but considering that this was made sometime in the 1900's I have to say that the graphics are pretty good, this game was made when I was three years old. So graphics good.

SOUND ~ sounds in the game are not as good as games today. But still considering that this was made sometime ago I have to say it sounds alright. It kind of reminds me of the GameBoy Color, the sound is that good. Just a little bit better from the GameBoy.

ENTERTAINMENT ~ like I said fun and additive Super Nintendo Entertainment System game. Now I am a classic gaming fan so I'd probably say that its awesome put most gamers today would probably say it is boring and crap. If you are looking for any SNES or NES or N64 games just go to eBay and bid on some. That where I got most of my SNES games. This is a review and tips on get old games thing.

REPLAY VALUE ~ Classic Gamers: Very High, Modern Gamers: Low