The best title of the three Super Star Wars games released for the SNES.

User Rating: 9 | Super Star Wars: Teikoku no Gyakushuu SNES
“Super Empire Strikes Back” was easily the best title of the three Super Star Wars games released for the SNES, which was appropriate, since the film, “Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” was the best film of the franchise.

In the game, multiple characters from the film were playable, in a side-scrolling adventure pitting the Rebellion against the Empire. All the locales were pretty much from the film itself, and of course all the music and sound-effects were strictly Star Wars.

Throughout the game, upgrades for the primary weapon, the blaster, were available, which would equip the blaster with new configurations including a spread pattern or homing rockets to more effectively dispatch Imperial troops. Luke also had a lightsaber which could be used to mow down enemies. In all three Super Star Wars games, the lightsaber was never more powerful than in “Super Empire Strikes Back.” Most enemies would fall with one or two strikes.

“Super Empire Strikes Back” improved upon the problems experienced in “Super Star Wars,” and remained a better game than “Super Return of the Jedi,” which was mired with too many levels in which the player had to control vehicles. The best game of the series, based on the best film of the original trilogy, what more do you need to know?