User Rating: 8 | Super Smash Bros. N64
In this game you play through a classic mode which makes you go through a series of stages to just have fun and to unlock things. There are four characters to unlock, luigi and captain falcon if i'm right are two of them, its been awhile. Anyway, the story isn't what makes it cool. It's the awesome multiplayer where you constantly bash each other and kill each other to win or rack up the most points. Single player gets boring fast but multiplayer, like in every other smash bros game, makes up for it. If you have a n64 and have lots of friends/family willing to play, BUY THIS! I have lost track of time on so many occasions playing this game. My friends love it too. Items make the brawls even more fun, throwing poke' balls and slashing each others faces with beam swords is awesome. It is pretty balanced between characters. Only drawback is that I really wish they put in more characters because they only have 12 or so in this 4 player game. As said before, buy it and I am 99% sure you will not regret doing so.