Super Princess Peach is a cute game that might be too cute for some.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Princess Peach DS
Super Princess Peach is a good alternative to all the Mario games, but it's not what it could be. The game is short and can be disappointing to many Mario fans. Peach has four types of moods to help her on her adventure. Rage (PMS Mode), Joy (Mary Poppins without the umbrella, or Super-bimbo), Gloom (You better watch out, we might have a leak!), and Calm (Like she just had a SBD Fart but has no effect on smell). This review might not be funny to some, but at least I tried! Peach is cool, but at times she can act quite ditsy. Anyways, her moods make it easier to play the game. Peach can't float like she did on Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Super Smash Bros. series. What's up with that? Oh well, at least she has the umbrella! And at least Mario and Luigi are the victims instead of her! I give Super Princess Peach a good rating of 7.5 because Nintendo could of done better with the material and elements in the game. The graphics are beautiful, and some music can be quite catchy. Also, The layout of the game is good, but not good for length. If you're considering getting this game, you might want to hold back and play the New Super Mario Bros. for DS first. Otherwise, if you can rent it or read other reviews, then try it out or read about customer satisfaction on the game before you buy.