The much loved classic rolls its way onto the PSP with a whole new gameplay style!

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure PSP
Monkeyball has made a getaway from the Nintendo gamecube and has made an appearance onto the sony psp with a new title; Monkey Ball Adventure.
Adventure is the third in the series and it steps aside from the other two games with a new concept and new gameplay style. Will we embrace or despise this new change?
Lets take a look.

This game no longer features the original concept in which you play a level and then advance to the next and the next and gradually each one gets trickier and trickier.
This one starts you off by placing you in a large area named Jungle Island which you are free to roam in. You can roll about, chat to people and perform tasks for them.
While you may think this a disappointment, you needn't fret, throughout the game you shall encounter many portals to the "puzzle world" in which you play through levels in the original style of the first two games. Also, at times you will need to travel across oceans/areas using your ball (I better not catch you giggling) as wings to glide in the "monkey target" style.
The game play of MBA feels rather like the Legend of Zelda games. At times in the story it does too; Near the beginning the King says how the prince & princess have run away. (Remember Majoras mask...)
There are more additions to this game such as the bouncy flowers (They bounce you so you can get to high/out of reach areas), the cannons (Do more or the less same thing) and as I pointed out already, the free roaming ability.
The game controls fairly well; You use the analog nub to control your character (Aiai) and use the directional buttons to manoeuvre the camera (which automatically follows your character always).

The level design is just...beautiful! The world feels really alive and the active NPCs really help support the feeling of being in a living world.
Graphics are just great! They do not disappoint at all! The soundtrack is great, while a little repetitive at times, it's very original and just makes the whole gaming experience far more better! There are occasional sound glitches but they tend to fix themselves straight away.
The sound effects are good too but nothing amazing.

The game is a little too difficult for the gamers it seems to be targeted at but fun nonetheless.

On the whole, the game is very long and very enjoyable.
Loyal fans of the first two monkey ball games may want to pass this up but gamers in search of a long lasting, addictive puzzle/adventure free roaming game...give this one a try!