Fast-Paced Game. Great Adventure and easy gameplay. Great for passing time and multiplayer!

User Rating: 9 | Super Monkey Ball Adventure PSP
Super Monkey Ball Adventure is a game where you control a character in a ball to complete missions and the main story. As you complete your missions you advance you levels in 5 different Kingdoms. Fly, hover, glide, roll (and more) your way to victory.

The handling is very easy if you know how to control your ball. Collect bananas, card and shoot yourself out of a cannon. Its a blast! Collect all bananas and you may end up getting a new character!

Each Kingdom has it's own unique atmosphere and tracks making this game unique. In space, in air, on a jungle roll maneuver your way.

The Multiplayer is excellent if you play with 4 players. It makes levels intense and action packed. Play games like shooting cannon at each others buildings, fly and score, a sumo type game, tag and more!

This game would be an excellent game on it's own if the controls were explained during a tutorial level, where you learn to fly properly and destroy certain monsters.