"More Than the Biggest Mario Adventure to Date!" -My detailed review of Super Mario World

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
Super Mario World
This review is all about it! So, is it worth being the Biggest Mario Adventure to Date, or does it fail to be a success?

Princess Peach Toadstool has been kidnapped once again by the evil King Bowser Koopa. This plot is simple AND cliched, but yet effective for this series. Mario must traverse through seven worlds: Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Cheese Bridge/Cookie Mountain, The Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, and the Valley of Bowser to save the Princess. There are also two additional worlds: Star Road and Special World.

The gameplay is, as usual, smoothly controlled. There are many things introduced: the Cape Feather enabling you to fly around, the P-switch turning empty blocks into coins and coins into empty blocks and vice versa, the spin jump letting Mario spin on enemies, break spinning blocks, and give a way to jump on spinies, and most importantly, YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi is probably,no, WITHOUT A FREAKING DOUBT, the greatest thing in the Mario universe! Not for his abilities, not for his expansive colours, but for his lovability! Yoshi can gobble up enemies with his tongue, and if the enemy has a koopa shell, spit the shell out. If Yoshi eats a Red Koopa Shell or the Yoshi is red, instead of spitting out the shell, he will spit out fireballs. If yellow, Yoshi will do a ground pound whenever he jumps on the ground as long as he has the shell in his mouth. If blue, he'll grow wings and fly. The level design, the most important aspect of a Mario game for me, has been sent to its full potential. The levels took exploration to a whole new level (get the hint?). The levels all have unique design and mostly fun and enjoyability.

Wow. Just wow. The creators of Mario couldn't resist using their new SNES and their 30,000 colours to create outstanding graphics! The most important colour was going to be lime green to create, as stated earlier, Yoshi! The graphics are all outstanding, from the yummy brownness of Chocolate Island to the vast amount of green in Yoshi's Island. And when you complete the Special World, going into that Star Warp, you get sent back to the start with all the paths you discovered, except afew things are different.The Bullet Bills turned into pidgeys, the Koopa Shells turned into Mario Bro. Helmets, and the world map got a nice recolour. That is a convenient secret.

Other notes:
My favourite aspect is the world map. I just can't resist looking around the beautiful world map. Exploring the world map has taken a total THIRD of the 360 hours I spent playing Super Mario World! HOLY CRAP!!! What also gave this a 3-up moon on the Mario series is the fact that this is Shigeru Miyamoto's favourite Mario game! And if you're saying `but there's no Ice level`, try looking at the Special World level "Awesome". It's icy and slippery.

Story: 7.5/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Yoshi: 11/10
Graphics: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10