Mario's fourth outing is his best outing to date in any Mario game or in any Platformer to date.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
Mario games are known to have revolutionized 2D Platformers and then 3D Platformers. Nintendo always seem to be able to make Mario's outings fun and entertaining and this one is no exception. Super Mario World is a 2D Platformer and it is truly the best in the world alongside Donkey Kong Country 2 in my opinion.

You use Mario in the game but his time there is also another character who was introduced in this game in 1991 when it was releasedand this character is Yoshi. Yoshi is like a dinosaur that can eat anything and can then spit his enemies out from his mouth as fire or sometimes something else. Mario can jump, move left or right, duck and run. Yes, these are all Mario's main actions but there are some things he can do but that can only be done with a power-up. There are different power-ups like the Fire Flower, which lets Mario shot fire out from his hands, the feather, which is like a cape and if you run fast enough you can start flying, the Mushroom which lets Mario grow bigger if he is small and the Star which makes Mario invincible for a period of time. I think those are all, not sure, can't remember all, but I think that is it. Yes, the power-ups aren't as many as Super Mario Bros. 3's own which had many power-ups that were awesome but all these power-ups are worthwhile and the cape was a great addition, it is like the Raccoon power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3.

You can jump on enemies, or if you have a cape, rool and hit them with it or you could use fire to kill them if you have a Fire Flower power-up. You complete each level like a traditional 2D side-scroller, you must get to the end by passing different obstacles andenemies that are in your way. But if you are familiar with 2D Mario games, there are more than one way to finish a level sometimes.

This is a major plot spoiler, Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser again. You must go through various levels inorder to get to Bowser and defeat him and get Peach. The final fight against Bowser is hard and the levels are also hard. You may die and get very frustrated many times in this game like in almost any 2D Platformer. The game is not easy and you will get game-over a dozen times at least or even double of that, or who, knows, triple. The game is hard and this gives the game a challenge that will keep many players interested or make many plyers break their controllers. Well it is hard but not as hard as Super Mario: Lost Levels, which is the hardest Mario game ever, and one of the hardest games ever.

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3 were some of the greatest games on the Nintendo Entertainment System that brought the console to its fame success and Super Mario World did the same thing when it was released alongside the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Mario World was better than its predecessors wih it bigger and beter worlds, graphics and settings and this makes it the best Mario game and the best Platformer ever, alongside Donkey Kong Country 2 in my opinion.

Reviewer: (spooky102)
Score: 10/10