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Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Extra Levels From Star Road

    If you find and complete the alternate (key) exits in all Star Road levels, you will unlock a set of special levels accessible from the mountain in the middle of the main Star Road map.

    Contributed by: Zapdos560 

  2. Re-Do Fortresses and Castles

    Once you beat the game you will be able to re-do Fortresses and Castles.

    Contributed by: Ryan Rider 

  3. Yoshi Coins to Princess Coins

    To change all the Yoshi Coins to Princess Coins, collect all five Yoshi Coins from each level. After you collect them all, watch the in-game movie to see the coins change.

    Contributed by: squirtle90909 

  4. Hear the Original Mario Bros. music.

    Go to the special levels (place with Tubular, Groovy, etc.) Still on the world map, leave the game alone for a few minutres and you'll hear the music change.

    Contributed by: squirtle90909 

  5. New Intro

    Beat the game (defeat Bowser) and the intro changes from the usual 'find the princess is missing, play scary music' to a sequence where you see the princess riding on a Yoshi with another Yoshi carrying a picnic basket.

    Contributed by: darkedgex 

  6. High Score Records

    Once you complete the Special World, you will be able to save your high scores in the Special World levels.

    Contributed by: qsr 

  7. Instant Warp

    Once you've cleared all 96 Goals, you will then be able to warp to any point on the map via the Status Screen. On the Map Screen, press Select to access the Status Screen. You will now see a little white arrow to the left of each course name. Choose a course and press A. Mario (or Luigi) will be automatically warped to that part of the world map. This will save lots of time trudging from one part of the map to the next. Enjoy!

    Contributed by: Dark Farfetch`d 

  8. Make Super Famicom logo appear in Special Worlds

    Complete the special worlds (The world with SPECIAL written across the top) and the Super Famicom logo will appear across the top of the Special World Map. You will have to press L and make the screen scroll up to see the logo.

    Contributed by: hiro1112 

  9. Decorative Stars

    For every one-million points you get in Super Mario World mode, a star will appear on the main menu screen next to the ''top score'' display.

    NOTE: The maximum amount of stars you can get is 5.

    Contributed by: bluberry 

  10. Get stuck in walls

    In a few levels, there will be sets of rotating blocks blocking your path. (Example: Vanilla Dome 2 or Star World 1)Make sure you have a feather equipped. Use your cape to roate the blocks, then stand in right in front of the blocks while they are rotating. Usually the blocks will just push you back into open when they stop moving. However, sometimes the blocks will push you the opposite direction- into the wall. This usually works only in Vanilla Dome 2, but it allows you to walk down the slope of the wall underneath enemies. However, if you are surround by layer after layer of bricks (Star Road 1), you will be pushed into the other blocks, usually resulting in you losing a life.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  11. Easy Lives

    Play through the games and as quickly as you can get to the Star Worlds. Now go to Star World 4 and get the yoshi now either complete the mission with Yoshi. Now Go back to that level with yoshi and go back to the egg and get the 1-up and then press START and go back and do then level again to get more lives. Repeat As Needed

    Contributed by: Fatguy2006 

  12. Extra life at finish

    When your time has twice the same digit repeated at the end and it's the same as the tens of your stars total you'll get a extra life for free!!!

    With 39 stars, beat the stage with your time ending in 33.

    Contributed by: alexanderpas 

  13. Replay switch palaces

    After gaining the ability to warp to any level, press select and any direction you want on the same frame. When you select a level afterwards, it will cause Mario or Luigi to move in an unintended direction and off the map, depending on where you started, the direction you pressed select with, and the level you choose to go to after preforming the direction + select. Most of the time, this will send you to an unfinishable bonus game upon pressing A, however in same cases, using the trick will allow you to re-enter a switch palace if Mario or Luigi land on it. The following setups can be used to replay every switch palace: Yellow: Start at Yellow Switch Palace, press down+select, and choose Chocolate Island 3. Green: Start at Donut Plains 2, press left+select, and choose Vanilla Secret 3. Red: Start at Red Switch Palace, press up+select, and choose Bowser Castle's Back Door. Blue: Start at Forest of Illusion 2, press right+select, and choose Forest Ghost House

    Contributed by: cadcrafter 

  14. Unlock Different Colored Yoshis

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Go to Star World 2, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies. Blue Yoshi
    Go to Star World 1 or Star World 4, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies. Red Yoshi
    Go to Star World 3 or Star World 5, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies. Yellow Yoshi

    Contributed by: kylohk 

  15. Earn Point Stars (Mario Brothers)

    For each 150,000 points you get in Mario Brothers, a star will appear at the top of Mario Brothers at the game selection screen (where you pick between Super Mario World and Mario Brothers). You can get up to 5 stars maximum.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 150, 000 points in Mario Brothers, and a star at the game selection screen will appear above Mario Brothers (5 stars maximum) Earn Point Stars at game selection screen (Mario Brothers)

    Contributed by: peach freak 

  16. New Look to Yoshi's Island

    After filling a ceratin Requirement you give a new look to yoshi's island which is called EXTRA. The shells will look like bubbleheads of Mario, the Pirahnas will have pumpking heads and you can access any stage by pressing SELECT and pressing A on the stage you wish to go to.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Find all goals in every level EXTRA

    Contributed by: ThunderMan 

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Super Mario World Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. End Of Level Enemy 1-Ups

    Whenever you complete a level, any enemies that are onscreen will be converted to coins and points. But if you complete a level with at least 5 enemies onscreen, you will be awarded with a 1-Up instead.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  2. Use, but not waste a switch

    First all you need to do is find a switch ( the kind that changes the square outlines into brown blocks ). You also need to be on a yoshi. Normally when you hit the switch, it will flatten and disappear. When you jump on it, quicky turn around and eat it with your yoshi, if you do it fast enouph, you will have it in the yoshis mouth. You can spit it out and use it again.

    Contributed by: Kylermannn 

  3. Complete Any Level Instantly

    For this glitch, you'll need to get Fire Mario and Yoshi in Yoshi's Island 2. Near the end of the level, there is a Piranha Plant in a pipe near a Dragon Coin. Stand on said pipe, about 2/3 of the way across. Pay attention to the Rexor to the right. When he is walking left and about 3/4 past the Dragon Coin, crouch, then press X+A simultaneously. Mario will jump off of Yoshi as Yoshi attempts to eat him, and you'll get some weird glitchy item in your item storage. (If you did it wrong, the game just crashes horrifically.) If you summon this item during a level, and then grab it, the level is then completed, provided that Mario does not die while attempting to walk off-screen. Note that the orb only works once, and you need to get it again to complete another level.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  4. Infinite Lives Glitch

    In Chocolate Island 5, play the level as normal. Past the midpoint in the level, you'll begin to see a bunch of Spinies trapped in unmoving blocks (which are removed by a silver P Switch). Get the nearby blue and silver P Switches and try to drop one on top of the other so that they completely overlap each other; when done properly, attempting to grab one will grab both. Nearby, also, are some yellow flip panels, with a blank spot in the center. Get in the center and run right as much as you can. Let go of the switches and, suddenly, ? Blocks will begin appearing, spewing a multitude of Yoshi Eggs. Once a Yoshi hatches, these eggs will spew 1-Ups instead.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  5. Death Cancel Glitch and Infinite Time

    When your timer is about to reach zero, pick up a power-up (e.g. Mushroom, Cape Feather, Fire Flower) at the same time as the timer reaches zero. You will hear the sound for when Mario loses a life, but he should not die, and should still be permitted to move around. The timer will remain at 0 until Mario dies or the level is completed.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  6. Extra Lives In Vanilla Secret 2

    One of the easiest and fastest places to farm extra lives is Vanilla Secret 2. Make sure you have a cape equipped, enter the level, and fly to the halfway marker. Just past it, you'll see a pit filled with Spinies, with a few blocks lined up nearby. One of those blocks contains a special Gray P-Switch that changes enemies into gray coins. Don't press the switch. Instead, grab it and go backwards through the level, past the halfway marker, and to the pink pipes next to it. Press the switch, and then keep walking left to earlier parts of the level. Every single enemy will now be a gray coin, and collecting enough of them will get you points, then 1-Up, 2-Up, and 3-Up. If you keep this going, every single coin will automatically award you a 3-Up, which will drastically increase your life count in a matter of seconds. If you do this trick twice, you'll have maxed out your lives.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  7. Tubular Shortcut

    If you're having trouble with Tubular, there is an alternate way to get through the level. As soon as you get the first Power Balloon, float towards the first blue pipe while staying as low as possible. Despite going off-screen, you can actually float under the pipe without dying. This will let you completely bypass the first wave of projectiles. After you've gotten the second Power Balloon, you can repeat this trick again by floating under the final yellow pipe. This will let you bypass another wave of projectiles, and put you in the perfect position to hit the block containing the third Power Balloon.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  8. Forest Fortress Alternate Exit

    This requires a Cape Feather. When you reach the door leading to the boss, don't go through it. If you look above it, you'll see a path lining the ceiling. If you take that path, you'll come across a lengthy lava pit with several fireballs. You'll have just enough ground room to pick up running speed and fly. You'll need to stay as close as possible to the ceiling to make it past all the fireballs. Technically, this can also be done with just the Spin Jump, but it's much more difficult. If you make it to the end, you'll find a second boss door surrounded by 9 blocks containing 1-Ups. Note that this alternate exit is entirely optional and won't impact your completion percentage.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  9. Castle #2 Shortcut

    This requires a Cape Feather. As soon as you start Castle #2, look at the upper-left corner of the screen. You'll notice a hole in the ceiling. If you carefully position and time your running, you can dodge the Thwimps in the room and gain enough speed to fly through the hole. This will lead to a hidden bonus room with some extra 1-Ups, and will let you skip a section of the castle.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  10. Castle #4 1-Ups

    Go through the first area until you reach the door at the end, but don't take it. Instead, turn around and look at the square-shaped block in the ceiling to the left. Despite its appearance, you can jump through it and go into the black void surrounding the area. Keep climbing to the right, and you'll find a pipe leading to a hidden bonus room. If you're having trouble with the castle, this is an easy method to farm some extra 1-Ups along the way.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  11. Infinite Lives In Donut Secret 1

    It's possible to quickly obtain infinite extra lives as early as Donut Secret 1, but requires some setup. Start the level as Small Mario, and play through until you get into the blue pipe and enter the bonus room. Use the Power Balloon to float up and stomp one of the Koopa Troopas, then carry its shell out of the bonus room. Be careful that you don't let the shell collide with any enemies. Keep swimming with the shell until you reach the section that has two purple blocks and a Dragon Coin. Once you've lured the fish away, go back and stand on one of the purple blocks, crouch down, and let go of the shell. If positioned correctly, the shell will drop between the purple blocks. Swim above it, and let yourself sink down. Because this level is underwater, Mario will fall on the shell, bounce back up, and automatically sink down again. If you don't want to risk sinking too far and getting hit by the shell, you can lightly tap the swim buttons to stay above it. This will let you amass an infinite amount of lives within seconds, and only a few levels into the game.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  12. Item Conversion at the Goal

    Try holding an item (shell, trampoline, etc) and cross the Goal line. The item you're carrying will turn into a 1-Up mushroom.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  13. Castle #5 Spiked Ceiling Skip

    When you play through Castle #5, there is a room with spikes on the ceiling. Some of these fall when you walk underneath them. However, you can avoid having to deal with them entirely. Before you enter the room, Press the R Button to activate the camera's scrolling function and force the camera to shift forward. Not only will let you see the layout of the level, but will automatically trigger the spikes to harmlessly fall well before you're anywhere near them.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  14. Castle #7 Hidden Checkpoint

    If you're having trouble with Castle #7, there is a way to make it easier. When you reach the end of the first section, don't go through the door. Instead, keep riding the moving blocks as they go down the hole. At the bottom, you'll find a Checkpoint, a couple of Dragon Coins, and a Super Mushroom. Taking this hidden route will allow you to restart there if you die in the second half of the castle, instead of having to go through the first half again.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  15. Chocolate Island Skip

    When you get to Chocolate Island 2, reach the third section of the level with 250 seconds or more left on the timer. You'll know you did it correctly if you see a mostly flat area that's filled with Chargin' Chucks and a keyhole exit. Taking this exit will unlock a path to the green pipe on the map, which leads to a level called Chocolate Secret. Beating this will take you to another pipe, which will take you directly to Castle #6. By using this path, you'll skip over almost all the levels on Chocolate Island.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  16. Control Coins

    In Donut Ghost House, Donut Secret 2, Valley Ghost House, and Star World 5, you'll come across blocks that spawn a moving column of coins, some of which can be converted to makeshift platforms with a P-Switch. It's never explained in-game, but the movements of these particular coins are not random. The directions that the coins spawn in are actually controlled by the inputs you make on the Directional Pad. This will save you a lot of guesswork when it comes to solving the puzzles associated with these coins.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  17. Endless Carry

    Carrying certain items through Warp Pipes will create a helpful glitch. If you carry a Grab Block through a pipe (such as the ones found in the secret area of Yoshi's Island 2), the Grab Block will no longer have a time limit, and won't evaporate. This also works on any enemy that Mario can carry, such as as Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, Bob-ombs, Goombas, etc. Normally, such enemies will attack Mario if they're carried long enough. But if you carry them through a pipe, they will never attack Mario. This glitch allows you carry such items and enemies throughout parts of the levels that were never intended, and is very useful for converting items to 1-Ups and power-ups at the goal.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  18. Killing Big Boo

    Whenever you encounter Big Boo, you typically have to find a way to jump over it. However, you can actually kill it. All you have to do is lure it to a place with a slope, such as a flight of stairs. Once it's close enough, simply press down to slide down the stairs and into Big Boo, and it'll die instantly.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  19. Iggy And Larry's Glitched Projecticles

    When you fight Iggy and Larry, they'll occasionally spit projectiles out of their bodies. Normally, you just jump over them. Due to a programming error, however, you can actually kill them. When the bosses spit them out, wait for the platform to shift so you can slide down it. If you slide into the projectiles, you'll eliminate them. This produces a glitched death sprite, as the programmers never intended for you to do this. Be careful to only slide into the projectiles; if you slide into Iggy and Larry, you'll just take damage.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  20. Staring At Boo

    Whenever you encounter a Boo, trying standing still and face it. If you wait at least five seconds, the Boo will make a funny face in an attempt to get a reaction out of you. If you try this on a Big Boo, it will quickly peek over its hands about every ten seconds.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  21. Wiggler Infinite Lives And Coins Glitch

    This requires a Cape Feather. Go to Forest of Illusion 1 and reach the area above the Keyhole. There are 3 Wigglers there. Normally, when you jump on a Wiggler, it'll turn red and get angry, and any secondary jumps won't have any effect on it. Only the first jump counts as a hit. However, jumping on respawning Wigglers will produce some unintended side effects. Jump on the first Wiggler, then use the cape to slowly drift down and hit the second Wiggler, then repeat with the third. If you carefully drift far enough away to the side using the cape, the first Wiggler will respawn with its animations reset, allowing you to hit it a second time. This will also work in the opposite direction, and you can use red Wigglers as makeshift platforms if you need more distance.

    If you keep manipulating the respawning Wigglers using this method, you'll eventually start gaining 1-Ups, 2-Ups, and even 3-Ups with each hit. If you do this enough times, the game will glitch and start displaying unusual symbols on the screen, and will award you increasing amounts of coins with each hit. Your coin counter will eventually increase almost continuously, and you'll max out on extra lives very quickly. Note that the glitch only works on Wigglers; if you jump on the Koopa Troopas in the same area, you'll just get regular 1-Ups. To get the most out of this glitch, get to the level's midway gate, exit, and reenter. This will give you more time to perform it.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  22. Breathing Faster Underwater

    When you're playing an underwater level, tapping the A or B buttons lets Mario swim. However, there is an extra little detail if it's done in a specific way. When you reach an area where Mario can stand on something, press and hold down the A or B buttons. When Mario reaches a standing position, look carefully at his breathing animations. As long as you have either button held down, Mario's air bubbles will show up twice as fast.

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  23. New World Map Color Scheme and Enemy Designs

    Complete the Special World, which you can enter after getting the secret exit from Star Road 5. Complete each of the world's eight levels and a Star Road location appears. Go through it to warp back to Yoshi's Island, but the colors on the map are inverted, and various enemies change appearance as well!

    Contributed by: CalvinZ 

  24. Replay Beaten Castles (Non-JP)

    Normally, a castle once beaten cannot be entered again. For all versions but the Japanese release, you can press L+R while on the castle map node to re-enter it.

    Contributed by: MI4 REAL 

  25. Hear SMB remix

    If you sit at one of the levels in Special World for about 2 minutes, you'll start to hear a Super Mario Brothers remix!

    Contributed by: ImmortalLynx 

  26. Berry Freeze

    Enter a level with Yoshi, Cape Mario, and a Fire Flower in reserve. Position yourself under a berry in a way that you can get the fire flower and get the berry at the same time. If you happen to eat the flower and the berry at the same time, the game will freeze. Several things have been reported while using this glitch. Sometimes when the game freezes, your coin count will rise until you quickly have 99 lives. Press Start and Select to exit the leve. One person's game froze, horizontal lines appeared on the screen, and weird music kept looping over and over again. Then came a buzzing noise, and he was returned to the file select screen, with his file deleted. Thankfully, that's not normal. Even so, this is an interesting glitch to exploit every once in a while.

    Contributed by: Wheelman2004 

  27. Easy Extra Life

    Beat a stage with your time ending in the same digit repeated twice as the tens place of your Star total, and you'll be awarded an extra life.

    With 17 stars, beat the stage with your time ending in 11.

    Contributed by: jugglingjoker 

  28. Weird Credits Walk

    Once you defeat Bowser, press the Up button when the princess drops from the clown car and hold it until the credits show up. A very strange Easter egg I must say.

    Effect Effect
    Hold Up Mario will be walking very strangely in the credits

    Contributed by: ChappyCow 

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