Not as good as Super Mario 64, but nothing ever was.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
When Super Mario 64 was released for the N64 back in '96, it was a revolutionary game.
Now we have Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.
The controls are simple:
The control stick is for movement.
The A button is for jumping, the Z button is for crouching, and for the first time in Mario History: Shake the Wii remote for a special spin attack.
How did Mario get that ability? Let's look at the story:

One night, Princess Peach sends Mario a special letter: an invitation to the star festival, a celebration that takes place every century.
Setting off for the star festival, he begins to collect Star Bits, which will be important later.
Suddenly, Bowser attacks in his airships (good to see it from Mario 3) and causes chaos, trapping some unlucky Toads in ice crystals.
Then, he rips the princess' castle into outer space.
Mario tries to help, but is blasted away by a Magikoopa that states a memorable quote: "So long, enjoy your flight!"
Mario meets up with Rosalina, a strange woman who has spent most of her life in space.
With help of a Luma, Mario earns a Spin Attack, which will stun, or even defeat, enemies.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who is familiar or not familiar with the Mario games. It's a truly great game, and that's why a gave it a 9.0!