At first, I wasn't going to be this game because I thought that Nintendo couldn't make another masterpiece, I was wrong.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
At first, I wasn't going to be this game because I thought that the game producers couldn't possibly create another great game. Super Mario 64 was a spectacular game, as was Super Mario Sunshine. I never thought in a million years that Nintendo could possibly make another game of such high caliber. As I said before, I was drastically wrong.
The game starts out as Mario receives an invitation to watch the meteor shower with Princess Peach. Unfortunately for our red-clad plumber, Bowser has to spoil their evening together by destroying half the mushroom kingdom, and kidnapping Princess Peach (surprise, surprise!), and takes the castle with him. Mario then gets sent into space, and found by a girl named Rosalina, and her star-shaped companions the Lumas.
Together, she and Lumas live in an orbiting observatory. From the observatory, you travel to distant galaxies in search of power stars. In each galaxy you hop across planets and use launch stars to travel. Once you've completed the galaxies within the first observatory, you fight with Bowser Junior's robot Mega leg. Once you've destroyed this tripod, you receive a Grand Star, which is then used to power the observatory's engine. Once you eventually obtain another grand star, all of dimmed lights on the observatory go on, and you can travel to, in the end, 15 different galaxies.
On your journeys, there are many side-quests and bonus features to explore. In the observatory, there is a library, where Rosalina will read you the story of the observatory's creation. Also, if you find three hidden green stars during your conquest, you unlock the three trials galaxies. At first I didn't realize why they were called the "Trials" galaxies. Soon I learned why. With the exception of one, the others took me between forty and fifty tries to finish. The hard ones are one where you stand on a rolling ball and have to maneuver through a seemingly impossible course of rotating cogs with holes in them (does the word Mini-World ring a bell), and the other is Manta surfing, which is quite similar to blooper racing from SMS. Also during the way you rescue Mario's incompetent brother Luigi from haunted mansion. Along the way afterwards Luigi "helps" you find three more stars. You know Luigi is a terrible plumber.
[spoiler] In the end, there are 120 stars. You should have 105 when you beat Bowser, but then you have to go back to each of the 15 galaxies and get 100 purple coins to have all 120. Once you reach 120, you are allowed to fight Bowser a second time. With this repeat victory, you are now allowed to play as Luigi. Now, if you want to, you can go back and play the game again with Luigi. Luigi is faster, and can jump higher than Mario. Also, when you receive mail from peach, although it's still addressed to Mario, the letter will contain 20 1-UP mushrooms instead of 5. If you are persistent, and you complete the game again, with all 120 stars, return to the planet of trials. A newly arrived fourth Luma will send you to the Grand Finale Galaxy. If you finally complete this level, you have beaten the game completely. Afterwards, the Mailtoad will send a message to your Wii. Attached is a picture of Mario and Peach. [/spoiler]
Thus concludes a review possibly of the best Super Mario game of today, and possibly yet to come.