A game that looks good, plays well and is fun, a good match up,

User Rating: 8 | Summon Night Twin Age: Seireitachi no Kyoumei DS
To tell the utmost truth my faith in Atlus has been dropped a lot a few years, to a point that a publisher should sit at but along with Trauma Centre and this new and shiny game, my faith may just rise again.
I'd never played the gba summon night games, but after playing this i will dig around for them because if they're just as good, i will thoroughly enjoy them.

The graphics are very good, another game that proves that a main 2d interface is still just as good as a 3d one. They are flawless and quite detailed.

The sound was good, but i wasnt as thrilled as i would be with other RPG's so i think that needs the tiniest bit of work. and i didnt really like the voice overs

The thing though that i liked the most was its real time battle system completely incorperating the stylus, it was similar to that of Children of Mana but it was a lot more fun and didnt really consist of you using one button rapidly to do the same thing over and over again. there are multiple skills to learn which can be learned with skill point type factors, and theres an equipment system, all the basics, but with certain elements that make this game somewhat stand out against the collection of extremely mediocre RPG's of the DS, along with few others this game stands out, proving to be a very enjoyable game that shouldnt be missed if you have a DS and have a thing for RPG's, or action, or almost anything for that matter.

Good Show Atlas and Flight Plan, I hope the next in the series builds on the series, good gameplay and overall charm further to once agin provide a very entertaining experience