1st Impressions: Stuntman Ignition is a high octane action movie, from a behind the scenes perspective. It's a blast!

User Rating: 8.5 | Stuntman: Ignition X360
The Good: Excellent graphics, sound and voiceovers, very tight controls, easier than the original, movies you make are awesome, replays can be very funny, online multiplayer.

The Bad: Stunts are often trial and error that require you to retake several times, some stunts are kinda annoying.

The original Stuntman was famous and infamous at the same time. It was famous for it's unique mission based driving consept where you play as a stunt driver in a major motion picture, and must preform selected stunts to please the director. It was infamous for being excessively difficult and involving lots of trial and error. Now, five years after the original, the Stuntman series returns with a new publisher and new stunts to preform in Stuntman Ignition for the Xbox 360. Once again, you play as a wanna be stunt driver getting your first gigs in Hollywood. This time, however, you're playing for points and rewards instead of just to please the director. It's also a lot easier, so even if you make a few mistakes, you can keep going and finish the scene with little problem. It still involves a lot of trial and error, but it's not quite as tedious because of the easier difficulty and the more impressive stunts you get to preform. Speaking of stunts, you can preform everything from getting on two wheels, to a reverse 180, which is one of the hardest moves I have found so far. You also get to drive motorcycles and other vehicles, not just basic cars. One thing that I was not expecting was how good and well detailed the graphics for Stuntman would be. The game truely looks next gen and sounds excellent to boot. The voice acting and music are also very well done. It does make sence that a movie about working in Hollywood would have Hollywood style production values... One nifty feature that Stuntman appears to be the first game to use is your Xbox Live headset. Instead of having the director hollering at you through the TV, you can put on your headset and have him give you directions through that instead, which is much more authentic. The best part about the new Stuntman, it's just plain fun. It may involve a lot of trial and error, but it really doesn't get old watching your body fly after hitting a fence with your motorcycle or somehow flipping your car during a jump. It is lots of fun to play and watch at the same time. It also has an online multiplayer mode, which I haven't gotten to try because I had a pre-release copy, but it looks like even more awesomeness added to an already excellent game.

Overall, Stuntman Ignition is definately worth playing, or even buying. Even if you didn't like the original, you may like this easier and more enjoyable version. It's a blast!

Gameplay: It does involve a lot of trial and error, but Stuntman Ignition is easier than the original and is also a lot more fun.

Graphics: Suprisingly excellent.

Sound: Very well done voiceovers and music.

Value: This game is worth buying in my book for $60, especially because of the online multiplayer and replayability of the game itself.

Final Thoughts: Lights, Camera, Action!