Hardcore gamers, this is for you.

User Rating: 9 | Stuntman: Ignition X360
I never played the first stuntman game, but i played the Stuntman Ignition demo and loved it so much i got the game on the day of release :)

The graphics are good, lots of things exploding, lots of things getting smashed, lots of crashing jumping and lets not forget... restarting hehe

If you are the type of casual player who is happy to play through a game just passing the minimum requirements for each stage, then I think you would get bored pretty soon. Its easy to pass a stage with a couple of stars. Thats not what this game is all about though....

Stuntman is ALL about the combo score and replay.

If you are the type of player who isnt satisfied unless they get max points on each stage, who is looking to be high up the leaderboards, who has the determination to restart after restart after restart to get the coolest most explosive replay then you are in the right game.

My favourite part about ProjectGotham3's single player was the cone challenges, I loved getting a combo through the entire cone challenge and then enjoying the cool looking replay.... thats what this game is like except instead of a lovely looking car drifting through a lovely looking city its various vehicles blasting through explosions and debris on various cool movie sets, and the whole replay usually ending in some spectacular fireball. (The replays are superb) Its like a whole game based around that type of gameplay, trying to keep the combo going for the whole stage. (a bit like Nights on the saturn actually)

Keeping the combo going is so much fun, especially in the movie set environments of Stuntman Ignition. After you do a 'move' (drift, drive close to stuff, jump etc) you have 2 seconds to do another 'move' to keep the combo chain going, risk versus reward.

Several different movie sets with a bunch of challenges for each and lots of bonus single challenges, various multiplayer modes that i havent tried yet, theres quite a lot to do in stuntman:ignition, if you like ProjectGotham3's cone challenges, going for high scores in games, or games that challenge you to keep a combo going then i think you will like this game... LOTS I love it :)