As the title describes, its EXTREME :) Extremely Great

User Rating: 10 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
I have been Stronghold fan since its first release and this is my first review as i saw its rating is going down.

Its truly an extreme game for extreme gamers, when i played it for the first time, i was thinking the same as most of the people did "Tooo Much Difficult and Comp Friendly" but when i tried the second time, i became fan of it, newly introduced tools are really amazing, you can chop your opponents head even if you don't have a single soldier :p . first StrongHold Crusader then StrongHold Crusader Extreme, i really enjoy these games.

I was really shocked when i got attack with 100s of "Slinglers" and i closed the game, but when i tried second time, i was really amazed to use the tools and then offcourse "Muahahahahaha"

Please try this game for at least 5 times, once you get used to the tools , you will really enjoy this game.