What? Nothing new? Not even fixed the old problems?

User Rating: 3.5 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
Stronghold was great
Crusader was great
Stronghold 2 was bad
Legends was rediculous
Crusader extreme was... Crusader

The main problem is that there´s nothing new here. No new units, graphics, buildings, tactics, sounds or anythng. One thing is new, the superpowers. They are silly and unbalanced and do NOT enchant your castle-building experiense at all. Also the enemy uses a lot more units so it looks a bit more messy.

They didnt even fix the problems of the original before releasing the same game once more. You still need to click every unit to recuit the hundreds of pikemen needed to storm the enemies on a multi-enemy map, creating siegewepons is still a real chore, some units are never used etc. And do stone have to be the main income in EVERY map?

The game seems a bit bigger in general, more units, more gold. But this isnt at all more fun, or more challanging or more strategic.

This game would be ok as a fan-made add-on pack (for free). As a retail game, this is just silly. 6 years for this? Man, are you kidding me?