Same great game with a few new features

User Rating: 8.5 | Stronghold: Crusader Extreme PC
If you're the type of person that regularly goes back to some of your classic titles now and then, this game is for you. It will be you your defacto crusader fix and more. Extreme mode is pretty intense and can be daunting at first, but after a few games you'll get used to it. If you want to take a break, it has the regular campaign as well.

Some may say that $30 is a bit much for a few new features, and I'm sure you can find the original stronghold crusader in bargain bins for 10$ or less. But I enjoyed Stronghold and Stronghold crusader and want to support their future titles. Its a small price to pay considering it only costs half of new pc games. If it gives firefly a jump start in the right direction then so be it.

All in all if you liked stronghold crusader you should be able to enjoy this as well. If you're new and wanna try it out, I suggest you find the original crusader in a bargain bin, that would be your best bet. It has a pretty classic settlers formula with a lot more action.

Graphics 7 its an old game but 2d graphics don't age as fast
Sound 8 I really enjoyed the voice acting and music
Gameplay 10 love this stuff
value 5 so so
Tilt 8 Same + few new features, Whats not to like?