This title ruined the Street Fighter franchise

User Rating: 4 | Street Fighter V PC

I can honestly say that I played this game for a combined 30-45mins and have exited the game with no real intention to return. I am more than satisfied playing Ultra Street Fighter 4 as this carried on the legacy (to an extent) of the great Street Fighter franchise.

Here are a number of problems with the game:

* New Super (V) mode is complicated
* The entire menu has changed and you can no longer just click a button to have a quick fight, you either fight in a survival game, story, or online battle
* The story mode sux, you play against 4-5 opponents with a shitty dialogue in between each fight
* 60% of the real Street Fighter players are missing
* Introduction of new players such as FANG, Rashid, is a total waste

The only good thing about this game was the GFX, else stay away or wait till the game drops to $10.00