Probably The Most Underrated Street Fighter Game of all time!

User Rating: 8.5 | 2010: Street Fighter NES
The good:
-Crisp visuals
-Tight controls
-Awesome music
-Awesome designed levels
-Outstanding gameplay

The Bad:
-You'll be looking for your balls after you beat the game
-Doesn't feel Like a Typical Street fighter game

Street fighter is A an classic fighting game that was for the arcade and home game consoles and It was a arcade hit for the time, While street fighter 4 is out now and Theres one game not many people have heard of and today I'm going to review the game that not many people heard of and that is,

"Street Fight 2010 The Final Fight!!!!"

I Heard that This game was Released before Street fighter 2 and You may Notice that it has The Final Fight at the subtitle and I heard that some Street fighter Games Were Instead called "Final Fight" I guess have that name going around at the Time.
According to the game, Were suppose to have teleportian technology and The ability to travel to other planets, yeah.....RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! (WHAT THE F***K!!!)
now to be fair I heard That people back in the 1960's-80's ought that the year 2000 was going to be like that and look around.....Disappointed? I am!
You know that's the problem with sci-fi movies, when they lock down to a curtain date and when that date comes, that date looks nothing like that, take "star tech" for example, one movie taking place in the late 1990s and "2001 a space odeesy" ought us to have big ass space stations for people to stay in ( I believe we have that now though), and for some reason it makes me wish it happened.

Anyway Back to Street Fighter 2010.

The Gameplay Is Awesome, You explorer 5 different planets and the controls are one simple thing, it like a NES version of Mega Man X, Now I am Aware that some True Street Fighter fans may dislike the gameplay because it doesn't play like a typical street fighter game because it like a platformer fighting game not like a basic fighting game, you from each level to another and dodge enemies and the most annoying enemies are those STUPID F**KING MISSILES THAT KEEP FOLLOWING YOU!!!!!
So you have to keep dodging the and it just annoying.
Now just to let you know that the game is REALLY HARD!! Even at the very first level, You're health drains too fast and the target takes alot of hits to kill and when you kill the target you have to find a portal that goes to the other level before the energy of it runs out.

The graphics show that the NES is still a great piece of hardware because it has alot of detail and when the super nintendo and genesis game out it had better graphics and while the NES showing its age but Graphics don't Make a Game!!!

The Music Kicks ass!!!!
It has awesome music and while some make you feel epic!
It has one of the best music on the nes library and i'm ashamed how not many people heard it and played the game as well.

The story is about Ken has become the champion of the street fighter and it's 25 years later and hes became a scientist and he has also invented "Cyboplasum" which in small doses let people live forever (Man I want some of that!! lol) and in large doses makes people turn into mutant aliens and some guy was killed and then the cyboplasm is stolen and ken must get it back and the epidemic is still going on on earth

This is one of the most underrated game in the nes library and Just because it has street fighter doesn't mean it's a bad game, You shouldn't judge a game by its title, it should be judged by it's gameplay so go buy it, rent it, download it, Whatever and enjoy this awesome game!!!