Theory behind gameplay is very good, Playing through out the game contains many problems that are trumping enjoyment

User Rating: 2 | State of Decay X360

I am from Australia and I played the Australian version of State of Decay

How this game is set up in terms of game-play is very good and the game gives you a decent challenge and that is the only nice comment I am going to say about this game.

I am stating the negatives more because these problems herein the game for me anyway take the enjoyment out of the game

Now for the bad, This game's internal mechanics such as programming and coding have been done poorly as throughout the game it lags and stutters and when I say stutters I don't mean it has a speech impairment.

How does this hinder or stop your game-play experience,Well it doesn't stop your gameplay ummm but it is very annoying.

The human AI are as stupid as a doornob and I say that because on 3 occasions while I was playing I had to push one of my survivors at my home base to the spot that allowed me to continue the game and doing 2 missions for the army again I had to push a US soldier to the designated area and the second time around doing a mission for the army I had to meet the Sargent at a reservoir, Then the game states I have to go for a walk with the Sargent.

Well that does not happen because the Sargent does not move the computer AI has just had a brainfart and does not move at all the game still functions kind of normal but the Sargent is frozen and will not move without your help,This is not normal game-play This is a flaw in the programming and or coding of the game and I lied somthing like this will stop your game-play if you are trying to progress through the story.

As for the voicing of the male characters they all sound the same as or while they are selected.

This is my review of what I have found while playing this game as stated above this is the Australian version.