A great zombie game that should never be compared to a full price game

User Rating: 8.5 | State of Decay X360
The main thing to take into account with this game is that it is unfair to review it as a full price game. It is an XBLA title, one that cost me £10. I cannot compare it to a game like say Skyrim that has a huge budget and cost a lot more.

So for the price I have to say this is one of the best games I have played.
If you are expecting the best graphics, the best sound, zero bugs or glitches and an experience on the same level as say Uncharted then you are going to be let down.
However if you are a fan of gameplay, a fan of a huge open world, a fan of management and most of all a fan of zombies then you will probably love this game!

When you first start out things seem clumsy, awkward and you notice things that are annoying. The biggest one being screen pop outs. They only happen when you are driving but it is hard not to notice it at the start.

When I started I thought this game was just another cash in. But as time went by I noticed I was still wanting to play, I was interested in what was happening and I actually started to like the game!

The voice acting is superb. It is up there with the best of this generation. It feels realistic in both an emotional sense and in a hostile sense. The people you meet you can read a bit about their background in your journal. Some will be ex soldiers, useful survivors, people you want in your community.

And that is what separates this zombie game from all the other zombie games. It isn't about how many guns you got, not about how many zombies you can kill. It is about creating a community where you can SURVIVE. This is the key to this game. So the people you meet all have different traits, they are good at somethings and bad at others. You can chose who you want to join your group. Do you let in a alcoholic bum who will use your resources? Or kick him/her out? That is one of the beautiful things about this game, you get to know the characters. Some you grow to like, some you don't. You can kick the ones out you don't like!

To keep all these survivors alive you have to manage your base. This means creating sleeping quarters, workshops, medical centres and so on. The more people you invite in the more resources you need to keep them going.
To get these resources you have to go out into the world and find them.
Going out into this world can be dangerous, especially at night when you can't see so much and your noise is easily heard. You go into the empty towns and into homes, shops etc and look for items. Then you must bring them back!

I have to say in all my years of gaming nothing is more brutal then seeing a character you invested hours into making a mistake, alerting a roaming horde of zombies and being ripped to pieces. Once these people die, they are gone, forever.
This makes you become more careful, it makes you realise you can't just plough through the game guns blazing. You become tired fighting zombies and eventually your just a sitting duck. Even hiding in a house will do nothing because they will swarm the house and break through the windows and doors. Your trapped with nowhere to run!

So all in all I think this game is great. It isn't the best looking game out there but it isn't trying to be. It will never get the scores of a game like Last of Us or Halo but that's because the budget spent on it is a tiny fraction of what they spent.

But it has it's own character, its own identity in a sea of zombie related media.

For the price you really can't go wrong!