great game away from jedi

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
finnaly a star wars game WITHOUT a lightsaber, though you can find one on the starship level (you cant use it)

it's fun not and has pretty neat effects and its difficulty is excactly right easy to hard. the animations are cool your squad really looks and feels alive, from the speech that goes on trough the entire level like "whoever put that bacta tank(?) there should get a medal" to the animation of blowing open and going trough doors. they are smart enough to do tthings themself and still could use commands to do stuff. you can do everything yourself aswell.

three levels of fun each split into seperate chapters, even a cool opening scene with you as a young clone

ive been waiting for a game like call of duty star wars, here it is we welcome you, STAR WARS REPUPLIC COMMANDO

great game, great story, and its star wars