Don't fear. Delta Squad is here.

User Rating: 8.7 | Star Wars: Republic Commando PC
To: Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
From: Delta 36 aka Boss.
RE: Comments to Delta Squad virtual diary aka "Republic Commando"
Sir, As requested Delta Squad registered data from our 3 infiltration missions. Due to video receivers in our helmets we were able to record video and sound image directly from the battlefield. The best mechanics in Republic compiled that data into a learning program for new clone troopers know as Republic Commando. As leader of the squad I was pointed to write a few words of introduction.

Gameplay: In Republic Commando at last you will be able to see war from the eyes of soldiers who aren't able to use The Force like Jedi/Sith. Due to our lack of using The Force we were trained in skills necessary to survive. We mastered computer slicing, hand to hand fight, demolition, infantry weapons, battle tactics. As you will be able to see in Republic Commando when you lack one of those attributes you will end up as a Bantha food. Squad consists of 4 members. I was the Commander, Sev was the sniper, Fixer- Slicer and last but not the least Scorch- our Demolition Expert. At this point occurs the first drawback of our team. Team members were trained to be experts in those different specializations but every single action takes the same amount of time to do for everyone team member. Planting bombs takes the same time for Fixer, Sev and our Demolition Expert- Scorch. Something is wrong here. Our squad should be retrained in this matter.
Finishing Republic Commando learning program on the hardest difficulty lvl will take from 8 to 9 hours from standard clone learning schedhule.

Graphics: Due to our video cameras we were able to record battles in satisfiyng standart. It's just ok. Nothing more nothing less

Sound: Sir due to the fact that sound of the battlefield is just scream of dying soldiers, clank of droids and sound of blaster rifles we were bound to add some music line. Some of it we just copied from standart Star Wars music themes. But it didn't satisfied us. After drinking some of strong liquids we (with additional 100 standart troopers) organised a clone trooper choir. We were not fully able to control our articulation instruments so the words don't mean anything specific. They sound like some Latin words. Surprisingly it sounds astonishing. It's not only my opinion. I famous intergalactic singer agreed with that statement.

Value: After wining the war it is vital that every member of the universe studies our learning program.
Final comments: Sir, We are The Republic Commando. The Elite. Our program is near to perfect. It would be the best but our mechanics screwed up the multiplayer mode. Because of that Republic Commando is only an AA not AAA program.

PS: Sir, please allow us to execute Order 66. I can't stand that those Jedi are getting all the glory for our hard work.