Massive universe with a limited population. Good game, but not great.

User Rating: 8.5 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
Before I have even started playing I got a warning from the game that it might crash because it didn't like my new machine! Behold, it plays just fine! Onward into the Star Wars realm and to serve the Empire.

I think I did something wrong with choosing which path I wanted quest wise, I still joined the Empire, but one or two NPCs seem to know that I had chosen the path of the rebellion! Never-the-less I think I am a bit addicted, a bit... very addicted.

This is actually a really good game. I could easily pay for one month in the year to play. Well I did for four months back in 2004. Unfortunately I never got that as the old PC wasn't good enough for the game as it couldn't run some element called Trasnform and Lighting (T&L). So I got given a month worth of game time to make up for my loss. They only wanted to give me 3 days worth originally but you got to press with these people!!

The main components of the game I love is the quests. How the story rolls, collecting the elements such as weapons, stats boosters and furniture that I can't even place in a home because it's pretty hard to get one. I did find a place in Theed on Naboo but I need 50 Gold tokens earned from using the Chronicle system in order to get that. But behold for 200K credits I brought myself a big house on Corellia to place all my goods in.

The Chronicle you say? Well what is that then!? It is the part of Galaxies where you can build your very own quests. I must say, this is a very good addition to the game and I can see many uses for it. For example; For those that have chosen the path of an Artisan (Those that can build things). If you wish to construct a droid and require the parts you need. You could in fact create a chronicle that someone can go and perform where they would need to go to certain locations and collect the items you wish. Thus you give them certain amount of money for their effort and they get experience (XP) added to their stats for doing this.

I feel the chronicle system can be tedious and long winded, you need to construct many of them to gain the experience you need to level in that field. Along with your path there is also a politician path which goes with building your own home to constructing a whole city. I also have the Imperial Navy level system in my character for having joined that organization and I am assuming there is the same for rebel pilots.

I do have little niggles here and there; one part is the graphics although excellent NPCs shouldn't be able to run through solid objects and walls! And you shouldn't be able to look through a wall to what is behind it! It seems a little slow to render when speeding across the landscapes. And the landscape graphics is very impressive.

Another thing is how accurate they can shoot at you when you travel past on a speeder. For some bizarre reason, no matter how hard you try to avoid a laser that is suppose to shoot in a straight line, this does not happen. Instead it will home in on you and hit your bike or what ever you where using to travel across the plains.

The servers do seem to go down a lot. I am attached to the Gorath server and on Saturday's always down at lunchtime GMT. Right now it's Wednesday lunch time and it's down again. I am assuming all the Americans are happily sleeping but the rest of the world is awake and ready to play!

All being said I love this game and the gameplay. It took a while the get a lightsaber but now I am kicking ass. The space battles do feel a little old hat but are also great. The collection system also has a hell of a lot to find and get.

For a multiplayer game I have only talked to about four other people in the whole game. On the server I am on, there seems a lack of people. Consider this that the whole system has 12 planets with 6 cities on each planet thats 12*6 which is a total to 72. I've been around a bit I think I only really seen about 30 people online in the server I am on. I think there should be at least minimum 1440 people to one server. I don't think there is that much here if there is more than that I would be amazed. But I feel they don't need all these different servers. They should be able to cut that back and consolidate.

That would at least make multiplayer more interesting than it currently is where I hardly associate with anyone!

I managed to complete all the current Jedi Legacy quests in the period I had, but for some reason one fella on Corellia didn't take the R2 unit, I thought he was suppose to take him. Maybe I will place the druid in my home if I ever decide I want to play again. That maybe a long time away yet.
But given more people and more quests to do this can only get better over time.