The so called NGE "upgrde" ,is more like a downgrade. This Game used to be the top of the tops around th

User Rating: 2.8 | Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided PC
I had this game few weeks after it was out, it was my first MMORPG.

This game used to be the most compicated MMORPG ever made,
you could play for years and still have lots to find out, not to mention to constant updates of events weapons and so on...

After i passed through almost all the proffesions in the game, that each and every one were hard to achive and could be used and make so much fun with them, i had gotten a jedi character and enjoyed him very much since there weren't too many jedis around.

Some more about the special and complexity of SWG before NGE is
the crafting system , each proffesion could place their own "Harvester"
they had to find perfect spots of high quality meterials and place an harvester there to get it with time, and combining all these materials togather , and with the right skills, and the right machinery they could create the finest weapons\foods\armor\droids and many many more things,
not to forget there are always special items that can enhance .
and there were also many "schematics" of special rare weapons whice could be crafted after working hard to get their schamatics. - well this is only one of so many and i know i missed alot from it.

Well and what can i say about NGE? It destroyed an amazing game
and replaced it with terrible game , hard to find the words to describe
this horror

- Well for first lets see... the interface - it looks like a kid from the 70's has been hired for designing them.
-the combat - have never seen such a terrible stupid decision, you need to targey the monster and just mess click on your mouse it can shot billion bullets a second depends on how fast you can click, this is just pathtic.

well thats about all that should be interesting abot NGE, and if you wonder if its fun to be jedi there and run like you never ran before , if you like clicking on the mouse like loonies while looking at monster and getting killed in seconds thats bad... also this is pathtic that it is a start proffesion whice you can start as a "Noob" so the game is full of newbie jedis that dont know what the hell they are doing, not to mention how sad it looks when you attack something , try to imgine yourself dusting a carpet but 100X faster, thats how it looks (but with lighting stick).

Summery : Dont buy it if your new to this, the tutorial is a rip off and dosent reflect anything from the full game, If they return the game to the time before NGE it would be the best MMORPG out there thanks to its complexity that no other MMORPG ever got to achive.