Truly a classic, this game will keep RTS gamers at the computer for hours!

User Rating: 10 | Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga PC
So I've played many RTS games before......Age of Empires 1, 2, and 3........Command and Conquer: Generals, and most other games, but this game outranks them all. I believe that Lucas Arts needs to make another addition to this series, because 2 games are just not enough! At first, my friend brought it over, but since I've never played one before, I wasn't interested. When I went over his house, I saw him playing it. I wondered what it was. I went over to look at his computer, and saw the Republic fleet bearing down on Trade Federation Troops. I thought, "Whoa! What is that?" Mark said it was Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. He loved it, and I had to bribe all kinds of stuff just to borrow it from him, but when I got on the computer and played it, it was wonderful. I'd even rate it 10 on a Windows 98. That's what I had first, and boy did it play it so well! And the power it gives you......You are in command over an entire civilization, and by your efforts will you lead them to victory. Clearly a wonderful game! Bravo!