User Rating: 7 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
Star Wars Bounty Hunter puts you in the shoes of bounty hunter Jango Fett. You go through missions trying kill or catch somebody, during these missions there are secondary bounties where you can make extra money, but the money dosen`t help you in any way. You have many weapons at your side from your dual pistols to your flamethrower, but there are some special weapons that may be only found in that level like a snipe rifle or a mini gun. This game does feature some puzzle solving parts like in one level you have to scale the supports of a building, which can be very tricky because the controller and camera are very sensitive. The levels are brutal they are long and full of enemies, usually the enemies are bandits or guards with guns, but sometimes enemies will be animals that lunge or charge at you. You can also keep track of your stats, it tells you all the bounties you captured and what type of bounty hunter you are. There are bonus stuff to unlock, but it`s mostly parody of the game or deleted scenes. Star Wars Bounty Hunter is fun and enjoyable.