Bounty Hunter would be a Fun game if it wasnt so damn hard!

User Rating: 6.8 | Star Wars: Bounty Hunter PS2
After tracking this game down last year for cheap , i was instantly impressed by the time i finished the first 3 levels.
The graphics were good looking , and the controls were easy to get use to and the action was packed with fun for any Jango Fett fan.
Using the jetpack , Wrist wire, Poison darts , fusion cutter and pistols were all a smooth fun experience.
The mix of an action adventure , third person shooter and with a couple of RPG elements were fun , while it was generaly easy. tracking down bountys as side missions was entertaining , specialy seeing the stats on your prey Terminator style.
Flying around the mean streets of coruscant and having a whole little town ( limited as it was , this was no KOTOR) to cause havok , collect bountys and shoot the bad guys , was something i could do over and over ,
The sound was full of star wars SFX, Voices and music, pretty damn good too.

the storyline hooked you in, maybe it was the starwars fan in me , but it was realy held together well , execpt for that flying female Watto , witch could of been any other Species other than an ewok and it would of been perfect.
the bad Guys were Cheesey , nothing like you would expect from a star wars movie. but that made burning a hole in their chest more rewarding

The fights were intense ,too short , but got to the point that jango fett is the man.
but by the time i got to the fourth level , every seemed to go down hill .
Maybe its because i Generaly Suck at most games , but this game got way to hard way to quickly , and the fun stopped .The checkpoint system didnt work that well for me , with only a few restarts from your position of death , then a complete restart of that level.
the levels were well designed , and you go quite quickly through them , with not alot of Back tracking (only when you leave a Health pack behind).
Star wars universe is represented well , with Tatooine , Coruscant , and a few places we havent seen yet.

The gameplay is action packed if your an average gamer and can get past most of the checkpoints. I realy enjoyed this game when i was going through it fast , as the story progressed more , RE-trying levels 10 times did not make me feel like playing anymore. But overall the gameplay is excellent with plenty of different ways to kill your enemies including flamethrowers.

Overall , Star wars Bounty hunter is a fun game and a must have for Star war's Fans . i would not recconmend it to anyone else , as it could get pretty easy to get lost in the story and equipment.