Not what i expected.

User Rating: 4 | Star Trek: Legacy X360
Well, this'll be a short review, since there's not much to say.
Star trek legacy is some sort of RPG or Shoot-em-up or third person shooter or god knows what. Barely even qualifies as a flight sim.

The gameplay, needless to say, is bland and boring. Engagements are short and small-scale. You buy ships in between missions and you get to check out a few specs that aren't really worth much. The combat feels stripped as hell, with only a couple basic attacks. Your ships collide into everything without any damage.

The graphics aren't too great. Shadows look kinda edgy. The planets are visibly smaller then the ships in many cases. There seems to be a lack of shaders on the ships(they aren't too shiny or anything)
And the engines are really missing some glow. Like seriously those engines are so dark, the ship may as well be derelict.
The ships also have a weird gloss to them which just looks bad. The only saving thing here is the lightish bloom effect added.
However, sometimes this isn't too great since there was a bit too much bloom added and overall it looks kinda blurry.

The sound effects sound like they were recorded directly from the movies or the shows, but i don't mean that in a good way. I mean it sounds recorded. It has a certain low quality to it.

Anyhow, not a game really worth my time. 4/10.