this game is a high ranked ps2 rpg game.for those rpg lovers this game is 4 u

User Rating: 9.6 | Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2
star ocean: till the end of time is an rpg game that all rpg lovers its a long game but once u start u won't wanna stop its addictive gamee that tells about life in the future and u'll wish that year was here right now and with the kwl game story line and all the characters u can get. and it has diffrent ways in ending the game with diffrent character u may start begin the game with this person at the end but when u start the game again u may have a diffrent person to defeat the last boss and with quite a few side quests itll be a long game to finish the 3d graphics is something more games need and the weapons and items u can get are all diffrent and with the ability to make ur own items and weapons either that or upgrade ur old weapons. now with this engaging story line visit diffrent worlds and moons or bases and figure out wat y the vendeeni are after u? wat so important about u? is there something someone isn't telling u? find out by playing choose ur difficulty and battle 4 battle trophies and see how much u can get