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User Rating: 10 | Star Fox SNES
star fox well let see i remember this game there was a weard commercal some face was talking didn't know it was game until commercal was over i wasn't in to this game it didn't interested me at all until the star fox 64 came out i didn't get this until later the rules of this game is 3D shooter there r 3 couse easy normal & hard i ony beat this game once this was abit hard for me when i played i was really really good at playing it but after feb. 2010 i couldn't even beat the 1st level the gameplay is fun um u get cool weapon's u only get 2 later gun & super bomb bosses in this pretty awesome i beleave u get graded on this i think u have to defeat all the the fose around u in or to get a 100% grade i try to beat it on hard i remember getting to last level i was facing the bossalmost best him but he got me don't think i ever beaten it i think had it up to hard mode but thats about it other then that i recommend on getting