If only it was a little longer, it would've been near perfect.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox SNES
If you thought Star Fox 64 was the first game in the Star Fox series, then you're wrong. The original Star Fox came out in 1993 for the Super Nintendo and started one of Nintendo's landmark series that is still around today. In the game you play as Fox McCloud and you lead your group through space while fighting of enemies with your Arwing which is your ship. Your mission is to destory the evil Andross. Fox is joined with Peppy Hare, a rabbit in his eldrey years and the spunky Slippy Toad, which yes is a Frog. Falco Lombardi, the last member is a bird who is also Fox's best friend.

The game controls simply. You go up, down, left, right in your ship using the D-pad and you can fire, use bombs and more with the other buttons. The levels are pretty long themselves but the game overall is not. It has a decent multiplayer experience too which has always been a top priority for the series. However, I had most fun with the single player mode. So you go around shooting everything in sight and you dodge collapsing pillars, etc. It's a very fun game and possibly the best in the series.

The graphics are very polyagonal. Very polyagonal. However, they look great and this 3D look is landmark for the Super Nintendo. Not saying it looks like a Nintendo 64 game but maybe in between a Playstation and Super Nintendo game and that is pretty darn good. You can't really spot out too much detail but the whole 3D look just looks great and not many Super NES games can master this well. The music in Star Fox is about average. It is pretty good without a doubt however it just misses being great because it's not exactly memorable. Not saying that it is bad but it just misses the mark from being great. The sound effects are a bit more than what you'd expect from a game on the Super Nintendo but once again it's not phenomenal nor is it bad. It's just plain good as the best way to describe it.

Because the game is too short I have to dock some replay points off here. But I'm not lying, this game is one you'll want to play through once and it certainly is fun to play it again. I'd say a six out of ten for replay value suits is just fine. So, overall Star Fox very well may be the best game in the series and one of the best games that the Super Nintendo has to offer. (And that's saying something.)