Wow, improvement from last game? Big time.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
Starfox assault is one of those games that you think "Man, i really need to blaze through the story so i can get to that multiplayer. The story itself was nicely played out but no were near as good as the multi pathed Starfox 64. It also can be frustrating, restarting you back miles from your death point and certain missions will really annoy you. After all, why should i ride on the wing of my allies arwing who is moving slower then the ground units. Yes falco, i know someones locked on to you, just get out of the ship and let me drive, er fly and ill drop you off at the closest base. The points giving you a ranking of bronze, silver, or gold is nice as well as the bronze, silver, and gold difficulties. The 5 flags per level bonus is also nice and will keep the perfectionist who refuses to cheat on this game for months. The multi player is a thing of sheer beauty though. in Star fox 64, it was boring, and uncustomizable. Assault will satisfy you though with choice of What vehicles (or lack of vehicles) the players can use. You can turn on or off the arwing, landmaster, walking, and when you unlock it, the wolfen. There are also many, many maps and modes. With the mods you can play things like only snipers, one shot kill, or even only homing launchers. The stages are also vast, ranging from Cold planets, to the inside or outside of starwolf's base, to even non real, CPU generated worlds (Or at least thats what they look like to me). All in all it's a great game with amazing mutiplayer that could only have been better with Online