What can I say... Star Fox: Asualt is amazing.

User Rating: 9 | Star Fox: Assault GC
What can I say... Star Fox: Asualt is amazing. I was at a friends house and we just decided to pop out the good ol- Cube... and let me tell you this... it was well worth the effort (not really we were just really frigin lazy) of replacing the 360 cords with the GameCube ones. Once we saw Star Fox we knew we had to play that wonderful game again and ooooh yeah it was fun! Its a pretty old game too but its just so fun for some reason. You play the character of fox the, yup you guess it... fox which pretty much owns a whole bunch of alien dudes. The story isnt amazing but its pretty decent and the multiplayer is also really fun (only up to 4 people which kind of sucks). I played this game over and over again and Im not even kidding its better then ALOT of the games out there in that horrible place called reality. Anyone who owns a Wii or a GameCube ( or both =S ) needs to get this game, its almost good enough to make love to... yeah its that good random people on the internet I have never met in my entire lives... that good. And now for the bad stuff about this game (yeah there are things bad about Star Fox who woulda knew?!) . One thing is the GameCube controller controls, which arent to bad to use
but they can get annoying alot of the time,but what can you do. Another thing is that you cant hook this game on the internet so you cant talk smack to some un-employed guy that lives with his "mom" and spends 23 hours a day playing video games, I know it makes you sad hearing that (reading?) but dont worry... is gon b k. Overall I love(d?) this game and I think Ill play it some more and aside the things that were annoying this game kicks some mother f***ing furry... you decide what that (those?) could be. So go buy it.