Interesting extras, the rest suffers from the flaws of Rayman 1

User Rating: 8.5 | Spyro 2: Season of Flame GBA
The Good: Dragon Draughts, Sparks minigame

The Bad: Some Rayman 1 flaws replicated

Full Review: Even after being thoroughly ticked off by Enter the dragonfly I decided to buy this one anyway, not expecting much. But i got a great game! For the first time, Spyro developers have seen sense and made EXTRAS!!!! The Sparks minigame is definitely the better of the two games and is worth completing the storyline for 100%. Dragon Draughts is also interesting (and fun, especially when you take out half your enemies in one move :)!) The only real problem is they are taking a leaf out of Rayman 1's book with "fatal water" nonsense. ARRRRGH!! But the game is still good especially the other character levels (flame-it-once-and-it-dies is only engaging for so long....). So as I've said, it really makes up for Enter the Dragonfly, bar "fatal water". Oh well. There's always next time