An excellent gameboy and spyro game! worth buying totally!

User Rating: 8.5 | Spyro 2: Season of Flame GBA
If you're a fan of spyro or not you'll love this game! Some people may think it's not so great, but most people think it's pretty good. When you just play it for a little bit you'll think it's pretty mediocre, but when you play it for an hour or two you'll think this is a pretty great game.
Compared to some other spyro games this one is one of the best ones. Spyro Season of Ice and Spyro Season of Fire are one of the spyro games you should start out with.
If you own a PS1,PS2 or PS3 you should get those spyro games too. Most of them are excellent and some of them are suckish.
But this one isn't one of the suckish ones. This is one of the excellent spyro games. Start out with season of ice first. When you finish that buy this one. I like this series of spyro better than the new beggining series. But they're both fun.