Seriously, one of the worst games I have ever seen.

User Rating: 1 | Sports Car GT PS
I remember I bought this game new around 8 years ago. I put it in last night while playing some of my old PS1 games. I remember not liking the game, and I wanted to give it a chance. I put it in the ol PS1 and it was out of the PS1 about 10 minutes later.

I assume I spent $40 or $50 on this when it came out....8 years later, I still feel ripped off. I cant even begin to describe how horrible this game is. But I will try.

The sounds are lame and sounds Atari 2600ish. The controls make you feel like you really ARENT controlling the car. It really feels like as if you WERENT there.

But the clincher, oh yes. The graphics. Usually I am lenient on the graphics side of games. If a game can come through on everything else its not as important to me. Obviously I cannot compare these graphics to modern day machines. But still. Around this time, I think the first 4 Need for Speeds were already released, and those had great graphics for that era. But these I think I saw better graphics on the original NES.

This game is bad. Dont play it. Well, maybe you should play it just to see how horrible a game can really be. I would sell this on eBay but it just isnt worth the effort.

I have an offer. I will give this game away for free to the first person who sends me a PM. (Just Paypal me like $3.00 to ship it). I dont even care about this game. I just thought it was my responsibility to warn others. Oh, and FIRST REVIEW!