Spore hero arena is a fun-filled, action packed hit!

User Rating: 9 | Spore Hero Arena DS
Spore Hero Arena is a much better game than it's predecessor (no offense to the original Spore Creature Creator). For one, Spore Hero Arena has a much more wide variety of fighting arenas. In the original Spore for the DS, all of the arenas were pretty much the same. At least in Hero Arena, the arenas are different (like different obstacles inside the arenas).
Also, Spore Creatures was limited to a slide of the stylus for an attack. In Spore Hero Arena, there are three different attacks; Spit- a medium speed, long-range, not very powerful attack; Bite- a quick, short-range, not very powerful attack; and finally Bite- a slightly slower, short-range, powerful attack.
Hero Arena could have had a better story, though. All it is was traveling to different planets and defeating their champions. Also, the special challenges (which were intended to help in the arena) were all pretty much pointless, except for adding on to the game and making it slightly more difficult so that you couldn't beat it over-night ( it is possible, but most people wouldn't.
All-in-all, despite the slightly boring story line, the game is fun and addicting, and I give it a 9-out-of-10.

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