Each great game has it flaws.

User Rating: 7.5 | Spore Hero Arena DS
This could have been a very good game.
The concept is simple, (spoiler) you go through the whole galaxy searching for some medals, crystals and battery.
It has pretty graphics, but poor psychics.
The In-Game controls are very accurate, but controls for making a creature are not. I would make them more accurate because its hard to place the parts where you want to. Anyways, about the creature creator, its not what I expected when I saw the trailer, nor the game is. It would be a good change if you could modelate the body form, instead of choosing from alot a almost the same dafault bodies. Its very hard to find evolution points, since there are only 4 crystals in each planet, and each crystal gains you 5 evolution points, and you need minumum 10 points, maximum 50 I believe, to upgrade your bodie.
Arena Battles can get a little repetitive, no, actually a LOT repetitive, and some very hrd, for example: "Beat 15 enemies in 30 Seconds" and you win like 5 seconds for each enemy you destroy. Other than hard challeges. some enemies are overpowered, like, they can get you out of the arena with one hit, just like Snow creatures does; but at least there IS an explanation for this: the arena is made of ice. Boss battles are incredibly easy compared to normal battles. Its kind of exciting when you finish a battle and you get a new body part, thats almost the most exciting part of the game.

So, in overall, this review had many commas... Now seriusly, overall is 7.5/10. Id suggest to rent it or borrow it form a friends first then buy it if you liked it. You should not waste 20 dollars or whatever a DS games costs for a game that you probably wont like.

Thanks for reading my review.