Good entertainment for kids but weak for serious gamers.

User Rating: 7 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
This Spider Man Friend Or Foe game is, from my point of view, a different version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance with a younger target group of gamers in mind. If you compare the two straight out then you will find Spider Man Friend Or Foe doesn't match up as well.

The storyline seems to stem mainly from the Spider Man 3 movie but also from various comic book sources for the other playable characters. I believe you have over 16 companions to unlock and play. What is nice is some of them are bad guys like Venom and Dr Octopus.

Game play:
The game can be played single player or two player co-op in battle areas. As with most side scrolling adventures you have your basic attacks and special moves. This game is no different. Along the way you collect credits to unlock more powers per super hero. While most of them sound and looks different they are basically do the same damage. There are five major chapters with four levels in each one to complete.

The graphics are decent. Interaction with different objects is clearly visible. With various stages are the world, you do get a slight feeling of the locale. The character doesn't look realistic but more kids cartoon like. The cut scenes are cartoon clips.

Sound and Music:
Action sounds can be heard from the Super Heroes and their enemies. Time to time each blurbs out classic lines when walking around or when fighting. The music is nothing special, just provides a little ambiance.

This is a very easy game. If you fail you lose credits you already gained for the level and continue on. If you get stuck just replay a level you already passed to get stronger. The enemies are distinct patterns to be easily defeated.

Final Thoughts:
If you take a look at this gamer seriously you will find a lot of flaws or weaknesses. If you look at this game for a younger audience then the difficulty and fun level should keep their attention for the entire length of the game.