SPIDER-MAN: FRIEND OR FOE A great game for a Father and Son.

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
I read and heard plenty of bad reviews for Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe but I have to say it is a pretty solid game that is perfect for younger children. I am the father of a 6 year old and we like to play games together and this is just perfect for the both of us since we are both HUGE Spider-Man fans. The game has enough stuff to keep me interested and more than enough for him. The game is very easy for me (HARDCORE GAMER) and just right for him just hard enough. So if you have any young children that enjoy playing games this is a perfect game for them to play. The game's graphics are very cartoonish and lighthearted. The storyline is filled with little jokes that little one's will laugh over. I'm relived to find a game that me and him can both enjoy especially considering how hard it is to find games that he can play at his level of skill. In the end it is a great time for a father and son to share.