Interesting, but not enough...

User Rating: 7 | Space Empires IV PC
Space Empires IV is a very good start for making a game about space exploration and conquest. But in my opinion it didn't go far enough. Going beyond the fact that this is an amateur game with a limited budget (Read: limited graphics), the game fails to have certain elements like: No native lifeforms on planets, unnecesarely cumbersome diplomacy system, Unbalanced research (there's too many weak technologies and one or two good ones), traveling through warppoints between systems (like there would really be 2-3 wormholes everywhere), and other things. In any case, my main point is that down to the details, you can tell this is an amateur game. And that makes it look tacky.

Additionally, the help system or intuitiveness of the interface are both extremely limited, so the learning curve is sharp and will require many restarts before finally winning or mastering a game.