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Space Empires IV Cheats For PC

  1. Get free resources

    Go to EMPIRE STATUS and type ''MONEY'' while holding down the CTRL button. The next turn you will have 1000 more resources.
    Note:You can do this multiple times for more resources.

    Contributed by: Joshua_ 

  2. Faster Construction Queue

    Go to your CONSTRUCT QUEUE and hold down the CTRL button and type ''FAST.''.
    NOTE:You may have to do this multiple times for longer ships.

    Contributed by: Joshua_ 

  3. Re-supply ship

    In the Ship Report screen, hold down Ctrl and type ''resupply''. The ship will be resupplied w/o having to move back to a base.

    Contributed by: Snoofleglax 

  4. Codes

    Hold CTRL and type the codes listed below on the respective screen given:

    Effect Effect
    movement - Ship Report screen Full Ship Movement
    repair - Ship Report screen Repair Ship

    Contributed by: Starky27 

Space Empires IV Gold Cheats For PC

  1. Creating Sphere/Ringworlds

    The creation of a Sphereworld and a Ringworld was not fully explained in the game. Below are the steps required:

    1) Create one or more ships with a spaceyard onboard.
    2) Send your spaceyard ship(s) to the target star.
    3) Have your spaceyard ship(s) create bases with the necessare components at that location. This is easily done once you have Starbase class bases available.
    4) Mothball bases as they are created so you don't waste resources on maintainence.
    5) Once you have the necessary materials built, create a base with the correct steller generation component for the world type you want to build.
    6) Unmothball your material bases.
    7) Activate the generation component.

    At the end of step 7, all ships\bases with the necessary components will be destroyed, but you'll have you're new, very powerful, synthetic world!

    Contributed by: Neo987 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Effect Effect
    Hold [ctrl] and type money at the Empire Status screen 100,000 added to all resources
    Hold [ctrl] and type fast at the Purchase Window screen First build will take 5 fewer years
    Hold [ctrl] and type movement at the Ship Report screen Full ship movement
    Hold [ctrl] and type resupply at the Ship Report screen Resupplies ship
    Hold [ctrl] and type repair at the Ship Report screen Ship damage repaired

    Contributed by: eli0918