The supreme 4X game. It is still to be made a better space conquest game.

User Rating: 10 | Space Empires IV PC
This game is a real strategy gamer's dream. Customization to the edge, including names, designs, and ship components.
Build you own designs, send your ships to exploration, war, exploitation of asteroids and other planets, build colonies, mess with the stars, nebulaes and black holes, and more.
With the same technology, 10 players can build an impressive amount of ship types, including war vessels, minelayers, mine sweepers, defensive and spy satellites, strategic warbases, base yards, exploration ships, remote miners and even the cool planet and system destroyers ships, just by manually configuring the ship components.
You will have to manage well your resources, and expand as possible, in order to keep up the upcoming technology, in a gigantic tech tree. The several planet types and atmospheres will make you plan well your occupation and planet usage, since there isn't much advantage to occupy a huge planet to put just a few facilities.
The simplicity of the graphics and sound aren't a problem at all, on the contrary, I like to play this game hearing my favorite songs in WMP.
It's the supreme strategy game, and if you are a new generation player, and like strategy games, don't be mislead by the static graphics. I say give it a try, you'll probably love it.