Soul Calibur II is a game that you can enjoy with just about anyone, as long as they're prepared for the crazy costumes.

User Rating: 9 | SoulCalibur II GC
Soul Calibur II is one of the best fighting-type games that I've played. It has great graphics and a fun Weapons Master mode. Many a time I have spent with my friends laughing while we play the game because of the funny grunts some of the character's make (not to mention some awkward grab moves), and I really think that the voice acting in this game just adds to the fun of it all.

The combos and variations of the attacks your character can do never makes this game repetitive for me, and if you know your way around the controls enough you can defeat even the worst move-spammers. The moves look fluid and very nicely animated. Not to mention just plain cool.

The unlockable content in this game was really what made me keep playing. It's so fun to unlock all of the character's profiles/weapons/costumes etc. and the weapon demonstrations are pretty awesome too.

In this game, there is a character for everyone. No character outweighs an other one to the point of cheapness. I mean, it's funny when I play with my brother because he'll pick this giant character with an axe and I'll pull out a win with this teeny girl.

Oh yeah, that's one of my beefs about this game. Girls. I mean, I understand that well-endowed girls are more lovely to look at (and probably more fun to draw)... but there just seems to be a lot of fan-service going on in this game. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be kind of annoying.

But really that's my only complaint (and I'm a girl so it's probably just me being a prude) and this game is highly addictive and a great multiplayer. I've literally spent hours playing the weapons master mode and it can be so satisfying for me when I buy a bunch of weapons all at once with the gold I've collected from fights.

Also, when I heard that Link was in the Gamecube version it just made me want to buy it that much more (Zelda nerd to the max!). And with how cheap this game was used, my wallet stayed fat and happy.

The bottom line is, if you like fighting games, tons of unlockable content, fun multiplayers, and big chested women and/or shirtless men... odds are you will love Soul Calibur.