Lots of swords = Lots of Fun

User Rating: 8.1 | SoulCalibur II GC
Geat Multiplayer for lots of you friends

Okay, the gameplay is as simple as it gets. See man slash, see man kill, see man win! That sums it up really well. You can use Y, A, X to use attcks. You can do combos but useing different ones in a row, stuff like that. Anyone can pick this game up and have fun. This is one of the problems to the game that hard core gamers may have a problem with how simple this game is. It is fun and really simple. Only get it for the gameplay if you are for a easy and fun to pick up game. Each character has his or her own moves.

Alll of the characters anamate well and look amazing. You can buy extra comstumes for them adding to this games visual apeal. The menus look good and visualy pleasing. One attack leads to another and makes it look smooth. The graphics look amazing. You should also buy it for the graphics.

Each character has a very different voice and most of which are very anoying. There is a little bit of music but not enough to make a difference.

Ths is a great multiplayer game. Get a few friends together and play a turoment. My friends and I did it all night and we still play. It is really hard to get board with this game. In the single player mode which is called weapon master mode there are over 100 levels. That will kepp you going until Soul Caliber 3 comes to the gamecube. (please NAMCO, I'll hug you through my computer moniter)

I love Soul Caliber. I kinda influenced my decision but not that much.


This game is pretty fun and anyone can pick it up and have a great time.