not a good game, I dont see the point of it.

User Rating: 2 | SOS SNES
This is not really a good game. The story is about this guy who was on a ship which is beginning to sink because it ends up in a storm. In my opinion this game is a copycat of the Titanic tragedy. I think they could have done a way better job with the graphics. You couldn’t even see the faces of the characters and the inside of the ship looks like it all one piece of something. The main character just goes around and talks to people and tries to see if the people are ok. Then if he gets hurt he loses 5 minutes off of a time limit until the ship sinks. I dont like that Idea because it puts you on pressure already from the start and you just might be learning the game and what to do. One time I found this girl on the ship and when I told her to come with me, you had to place the arrow where you wanted the girl to go. That wasnt a bad concept to me, since it allowed me to have some accuracy and know exactly where she was at all times. The movement is not good, and the general story is not really creative. Overall, this is not one the best nintendo games they have licensed, except the name Capris Wisher, which is kind of weird to me. Dont waste valuable time playing this game unless your a titanic type fan.