Unlike other gamers, I don't enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at all.

User Rating: 4 | Sonic the Hedgehog 2 GEN

This is my first review which is on a game called Sonic 2 for the Genesis. A lot of people who are either Sonic fans or not love this game. To be honest, I don't like Sonic 2 at all and I have reasons for not liking Sonic 2.

I liked a certain amount of features of the game which include the music of certain stages like Emerald Hill, Metropolis Zone and Aquatic Ruin, Sky Chase Zone which is my favourite zone of that game and the colorful graphics.

There are a numerous amount of things I found wrong with the game like the annoying special stages which also have crappy controls and if you are playing as Tails: A stupid AI!, the difficulty spike in certain zones e.g. Metropolis Zone, the level design in certain stages and that stupid Mecha Sonic boss in Death Egg (I only reached that zone once in my numerous efforts to finish the damn game).

I know that other people e.g. Youtubers have enjoyed this game in their childhoods like Cobanermani456 or Kiira the Hedgehog have talked about how they have played that game and loved it but unlike them, I grew up playing the Mario series (note that I was born in 1997) and I absolutely hated Sonic back then.

The thing about Sonic 2 is that I never got into that game like I did with other Sonic games I played like Sonic 1, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic Rush Adventure and more, I just found it too difficult for my liking, and I know people will say either that I am complaining or that I am not a Sonic fan for saying these things and I respect everybody's opinion, but for starters; I was never a Sonic fan in the first place, two: Yes I know that Mario games are super easy. Three: I like challenging games to an extent and Four: I have played other old-school games which are hard like Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, the NES trilogy of Ninja Gaiden and even some of the Mega Man games which I found more fun than Sonic 2 overall.