Sonic is back for another rip off of Mario Kart. Yeah (sarcasim).

User Rating: 4.5 | Sonic Riders GC
Well there goes Sonic... again for another rip off. The story is retarded and it dosent even make sense at all. These master jewel thieves stole the chaos emerald then drop it and now Eggman has and says hahahaha now you have to race for the retarded emerald and if you win ill give it to you. Dose that make any sense?! Instead of just running and plattforming through levels like a real Sonic game should be, youre going to have to race for it!!! Why are the 2-D sonic games, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adveture 2 Battle the only games that stick to the classic formula of good plattforming! Anyways the graphics are great in the intro almost like youre watching a movie then in the game the graphics are Dreamcast level. I just dont get it. The music is horrible! What kind of retarded songs are these?! At least the voice acting is good. Overall this game is a waste of time. Sonic keeps on losing the d@mn emeralds too. I mean cant he keep it in one place where no one will ever like up his blue @$$ where this deserves to be in. This game is really... RETARDED!!! >: (